While we don't advertise this because we have never used it on them, we have met many people on our travels (some beekeepers!) who use vinegar on their bee stings.

WASuP contains 100% natural apple cider vinegar and provided the capsule is kept sealed prior to use, it will not expire.

Those bits are called the 'mother' of the apple cider vinegar and are responsible for making the vinegar - they are present in WASuP because we use unfiltered apple cider vinegar. The 'mother' may grow with age but do not worry, it is not harmful (some people even drink apple cider vinegar with the 'mother' still present due to it's potential health benefits).

Absolutely - this is caused by a natural process that occurs as a result of having the 'mother' present in the apple cider vinegar.

Yes - it smells of vinegar! We have added nothing else to this product so haven't hidden the smell at all. This may not be to some people's taste but they always used to say the best medicine tasted the worst so I like to think the same is true here!

It contains 100% apple cider vinegar and there are hundreds of uses for this amazing natural product. As a natural antiseptic, if you were stuck when out, you could try it on all sorts of itches and scratches. We have been used to relieve pain and itching from mosquito bites, midge bites, horsefly bites, nettle stings, jellyfish stings and many other bug bites! One person even told us it kept the bugs away after they had used it on a bite!

Yes - we have had fantastic feedback from people who have used WASuP on their dogs when they have been stung by wasps to relieve pain (including a vet who recommends using WASuP!). There is no reason for it to be limited to dogs, cats and other animals could benefit too.